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Click here for help and support email and on image to follow us on Twitter."By having access to iFlipTips, I can get the latest sales and support tips, feature updates, bug fixes and other corporate info improving coordination and communications between with the our customers. Simply put, I am more successful and effective."


"As a college student, I can create FlipTip Quiz cards easy and fast and I can have them with me anytime where I can use them right up to the exam."


Another user said, "this really overcomes the problem when team members say, "email, what email, I never got the email providing a tool to help them see all the steps involved in the training, event and social activity and stay organized, not just endless emails."


Bottom-line: "Strategically, the faster you can learn, the more you can learn more, retain more and recall faster."



Here's the newest feature called iFlipPads which are multi-media note cards which you can share via Facebook, Twitter, email and Linkedin. You can add you own pics or select from your albums and add notes or scribble drawings.
 training and studying for college exams is an increasingly demanding and complex. iFlipTips was developed and will continue to be an innovative solution for trainers, customers, students and users.  


We also provide tutorials, webseminars, and a newsletter to help improve your use of FlipTipCards and FlipQuiz's and other ideas on sports management, social media practices and technology.


Techtionary was Honored for Innovation IQ Awards


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Customer quote: "Totally justifies my iPhone to my dad, iFlipTips app helps me study faster get better grades and I can take it with me to class, games, anywhere, even to bed."

Another user said, "forget paper, this is such a cool app, I can shoot pics for my PT, chem formulas, art classes in a snap."


On the iFlipTips blog are more than 50 cool uses for digital textbooks, journaling, physical therapy, cooking, shopping, car repair and many more applications for.



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Scribblepad, Doodlepad, Sketchpad, Personal Art & NotePads

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